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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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we are posting that last segment on m megyn kelly. good night. this is a fox news alert. tonight, we're learning of a significant increase in terror chatter as 9/11 nears, more on that terror chatter in a moment. more reports on a second american killed while fighting for the isis terror network in syria. multiple sources are identifying the man as a father of nine children. this news comes just two days after reported on the death of douglas macarthur mccain also killed. both died in the same battle last weekend in syria. tonight you'll hear exclusively here on "hannity" from two men
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sounding the alarm about home grown terrorism right here on american soil. first we go to conor powell standing by in jerusalem with the details. >> reporter: the family reportedly learned of his death not from u.s. government officials but from a picture of his body sent from rebels in syria. the 29-year-old somali-american was reportedly killed this weekend during a battle with the pro-western free syrian army like the other american killed fighting alongside isis, mohamed was from minnesota and left the u.s. some time in the past few months to join insurgents in iraq and syria. u.s. intelligence officials estimate there are 300 americans fighting right now in the middle east. just some of the more than 12,000 foreign fighters who have flocked to the region. though not all have linked up with isis, some have joined the free syrian army or even the al qaeda affiliate in the middle east. but all pose a major risk to the united states. the fear is that these foreign
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fighters are learning lethal skills in iraq and syria and that they will return to the u.s. or to europe on their passports and launch some type of attack. tracking them, eric, is proving to be a very, very difficult challenge for u.s. and western intelligence officials. >> conor, thank you. president obama addressed the growing threat posed by the isis terror network during a statent from the white house earlier today. fox's own ed henry standing by in the briefing room with the recap. ed, kind of interesting. what do we hear? >> eric, what's interesting is the headline the president wanted was that he was putting the brakes on potential u.s. military action in syria after days of media reports suggesting he was inching closer to air strikes in syria, expanding it beyond the border of iraq. but i think the headline instead that's emerging is the president kind of stepped in it by suggesting he doesn't have a strategy to battle isis. that's what he said. now, his aides are scrambling tonight to explain that, look, earlier in this news conference
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the president said he does have a military strategy in iraq, which is protecting americans and our allies there with over 100 military strikes so far. but when he was pressed on syria he suggested he does not have a strategy to deal with isis. and republicans are pouncing. they say the president has really taken this threat lightly for too long. listen. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. i think what i've seen in some of the news reports suggests that folks are getting further ahead of where we're at than we currently are. and i think that's not just my assessment but the assessment of our military as well. >> they are deadly, bloodthirsty and really their target is the united states of america. this is not a jayvee team putting on lakers uniforms. >> so the context the president was pressed at this news conference are you going to congress to seek their approval,
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why haven't you had a debate about potential military action in syria. he was trying to say, hey, let's slow everything down here. don't put the cart before the horse because i haven't come up with a strategy. neither has the military. remember the joint chiefs chairman, general dempsey said you can't defeat isis unless you go into syria. and defense secretary chuck hagel said the threat from isis is more serious than al qaeda pre-9/11. that begs the question if the president's own defense secretary say the threat is that grave, how can the president not have a strategy to deal with it? there's going to be fallout over this, eric. >> more questions than answers. thank you very much. isis is now one of the best financed terrorist organizations in the world. fox news correspondent leah gabriel former operative for the navy. more with how isis sustains itself. >> eric, we're learning that financially isis is a well-oiled machine literally. it's self-sustained and much through trading oil on the black market. in red you see territory isis controls in syria and iraq.
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the terrorist net work has taken croplands and military bases. these areas in blue are the areas isis will likely target next. for example, controlling the northern syrian border will make it easier for foreign fighters to enter the region and to smuggle goods. they say isis will probably avoid baghdad for now. that's because it's a hard target to take for the strategic return. much of isis' strength is in the form of money. it currently brings in more than $1 million a day. here's how, i mentioned illegal oil sales. isis sells oil at a low price to traders who then mark it up to resell to smugglers. isis also imposes regional taxes. now, these are basically extortion schemes where isis forces people and businesses to pay for their protection against isis. of course, military campaigns and looting and although less consistent than other sources of income, isis makes considerable money from kidnapping people and taking ransom payments.
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well, from my experience and intelligence i can tell you that one of the best ways to weaken any terrorist organization is to cut off its financial resources. but in the case of isis this is much more difficult because it raises and spends most of its money inside iraq and syria. eric. >> thank you very much. meanwhile washington times reporting seeing increased terrorist chatter ahead of the 1 th anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks. and that's not all. suggesting terror targets may include las vegas and military installations implying a looming attack right here in america. joining me now with reaction to that as well as all the news -- today's news is texas congressm congressman gohmer. i'm quoting the president, we do not have a strategy yet in regards to isis. what are they waiting for? subway to blow up or vegas -- >> eric, don't forget.
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a year ago right now he was wanting to bomb on behalf of what we now know as isis. if he had gone in, if the republicans hadn't raised cane with a little help from some of our democratic friends, he would have gone in and assured that isis took over syria. we've already -- this administration's been pouring in weapons into syria. in his defense, and this may shock you, he did say we don't have a strategy. but he followed that up by saying the strategy is to nip it in the bud. well, unfortunately it's not in a bud, it's full blossomed. and do you know who made that line famous? barney fife. we have barney fife running our foreign policy now. >> all right. so congressman, wouldn't it have been better had president obama come to the podium today or whenever he was ready to say this and said we've decided we're bombing in syria, we're pushing back isis within syria, we're not waiting for bashar al
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assad to give us the okay. >> you described it accurately as lame. unbelievable. you go in there. and he starts off by saying, hey, the economy is going so well we want to make sure everybody gets -- this president has presided over an economy for the first time in american history where 95% of the income went to the top 1%. never happened before. and then he judges on russia that russia is more isolated than ever. are you kidding? they have been filling the void that this president has created around the world. i don't know where he's getting his information. maybe it's cia director brennan who said earlier this year that, no, these guys don't want a caliphate. he must have his head buried somewhere on the first green. >> i'm concerned about the message we're sending to isis. meanwhile he has a different idea of what to do versus chuck hagel, secretary of defense, the
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intelligence community has yet another idea. they see, those people who are in the know, seem to want to convince president obama to act. why do we have to convince our president, commander in chief, to act? >> supposedly it took several months to convince him to let them go after osama bin laden. it took 30 days to convince him to let them go after foley, which came too late. so this president seems to be very feckless. he seems to twitter and diter. and if you look at what their strategy was with regard to russia, they were going to step up their twitter campaign because the russians didn't really understand how effective that could be. neither do most of us. this is a pitiful foreign policy. and barney's in charge. >> barney and we need andy griffith. new evidence reveals that more and more americans are becoming radicalized and joining isis terrorists. catherine herridge joining us. and sounding the alarm about the
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this is a fox news alert. there's new evidence that more u.s. citizens are joining the ranks of terror isis network -- isis terror network. douglas mccain killed fighting for isis. and today we learned about mohamed reportedly killed in the very same battle. so does this renew fears of a home grown terror threat? fox's own catherine herridge is standing by in washington with the details. >> eric, somali-american identified by a minneapolis source is believed to be the
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second american killed this month fighting for isis. while not commenting on the specific case, a state department spokeswoman confirmed new details about isis and its recruitment. >> it's increased over the last six months. we've seen an increase in the use of western passports and there's several events we could point to in that regard. and the strength of isil has built. >> reporter: mohamed knew doug lag mccain who also is from minneapolis and killed fighting for isis. these images sent to mccain of to his family and passport. the minneapolis connection was investigated and says there's a pattern. >> there's clear and convincing evidence then that there was a pipeline from minneapolis to islamic jihad overseas and that people in the community knew about it. and people in the community were covering it up. >> reporter: while the defense department labeled the if the hood shooting workplace
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violence, the massacre killed 13 and injured more than 30 others at the texas army base. in this letter obtained exclusively by fox news the convicted shooter major nadal hasan tells the isis leader al baghdadi that he wants to be a citizen of the caliphate. "it would be an honor for any believer to be an obedient citizen soldier to its people and its leader who don't compromise the religion of the all mighty allah to get along with its leaders." more evidence of hasan's extreme belief. eric. thank you. tonight, we turn our focus to terror in the heart land of america. my next guests are two somali leaders in minnesota sounding the alarm about the rise of radical islam right here on american soil and the very real threat posed by home grown terrorism. omar met with this man, douglas mccain, recreptly killed fighting for isis and played a key role in the investigation into the terror group al shabob.
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his nephew radicalized in 2008 and killed while fighting for them the very next year. joining me now, omar and from the somali education and social advocacy center. let me start with you, mr. bihi. you have a tie to this, your nephew was killed after being radicalized here. every parent right now is watching in america saying what is going on? how are they radicalizing young american men? >> well, thank you for having me on the show. believe me, that is the million dollar question. but what is happening right now is that these people have a history of taking advantage of the vulnerability of young men who are in condition with usually a single parent household and do not have a viable resource in their own communities. those usually are taken
10:16 pm
advantage of the gangs. this is the same method as the gangs. they're bringing that role model by helping them with the resources and then taking them under their wing. then it starts from there. >> okay. mr. jamal, there are three young men from the minnesota -- minneapolis, minnesota area. mr. mohamed, mr. mccain and in 2009 torrey. two of these young men went to the same high school. what is it about that area to find islamic jihad a home, at least an american home. >> thanks for having me. it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. because there has to be some human contact there. people always say there's going to be a media -- social media outlook, tweeting, facebooking, but this is not going to be able to happen without having a cell or human person on the ground engaging these kids. and we have two issues we've been talking about for so long
10:17 pm
that the u.s. government of public relations has completely failed to counter this propaganda machine by isis and any other terror organization. this is not only iraq and syria. you have libyan issue going on, somalia, nigeria, you name it. what's lacking here is clear strategic policy to counter this terrorism. and all at the same time what we have is the silence of the muslim leaders to disevolve the isis genocide to come out and speak in one voice as the muslim community in this country and to say this is it. enough is enough. we're not going to take this anymore. so encouraging and empowering those terrorist organizations. >> the council for american islamic relations have called
10:18 pm
both of you guys anti-muslim and one of you jew lover believe it or not. you talk about the terror cells within the community, the minneapolis community, are the mosques harboring terrorism and/or terrorist cells? >> it's very difficult to pinpoint the specific building. but what i'm saying is it defies logic how this is happening under the notice of the law enforcement agent. what's going on here? young kids, probably at the airport somewhere in this country going to join. what happened? >> let me bring to mr. bihi. is it all about that? because there's lack of opportunity in the area, so they're vulnerable and they're picked up, these young kids, who are being converted to radical islam. is that it? or is it something more insidious that it's actually going on and our federal government and our local police departments are afraid to go into the mosques, are afraid to be politically incorrect and look like they're profiling your
10:19 pm
community? >> well, as a matter of fact we don't want them to profile the community. >> but why not, sir? but why not? because it is only -- it is only the muslims that are being radicalized and they're young men specifically in that area, wouldn't that be an acceptable form of profiling? >> also we don't want them to be politically correct because that's dangerous too. but what we want them, and i really tell you we commend the local law enforcement here. as a matter of fact, we have -- really doing a tremendous to the community. but what is needed is that we should look out for the -- of these jihadists using to engage young people. what we're also missing is as a local government and institution and as a community, we have
10:20 pm
failed to counter or to compete with these ideas by programs and engaging our own community in a conversation. >> i love that you're bringing this information to our viewers and it's very, very important. but it goes beyond recognizing doctrine. we know what the doctrine is. they hate western civilization. they want sha' ri. it's not about the doctrine, guys. it's about finding these people while they're radicalizing. my question is, the nsa, the federal government seems to know everything that's going on. how did they miss this? would you agree to more surveillance and i'm going to use the term again, more profiling to save american lives? save lives of these children? >> the question is if the federal government knows what's going on, how come they're not doing anything about it? >> because they're afraid that it will look like they're profiling. and for me this is one of those cases where i think it's time to profile. americans are -- let me ask you this. how long before one of these
10:21 pm
radicalized jihadis go away, learn more of the trade and come back and do something here in america? how long before that happens? let me start with you, mr. ja pal. >> they don't even have to come back. why bother going and buying a ticket? why not doing it here instead of going over there. if a kid is convinced to go somewhere else and do that, why not tell him, you know what, why do i have to buy you a ticket? why don't you stay right there and do right there whatever you're going to do over there. but the question is the only way to do something about it is to appeal and i'm asking this, the majority of the muslim american citizens, the leadership of the muslim community not only in minneapolis, in california, in new york, in d.c., to come out in one voice to condemn and dissolve these tactics and to create an environment where the people work hand-in-hand. this is a very serious issue. it's not laughing matter anymore. it's really getting very, very
10:22 pm
serious and very dangerous. >> all right. we're going to have to leave it there. no one's laughing. thank you very much for bringing this information to us. it's a very, very scary concept. thank you. coming up, steve hayes and kristen powers weigh in on today's breaking news in washington. and later. >> neither does anybody in great britain -- >> you will have no choice. it's coming to a place near you. it's coming to a place near you. >> so you're threatening to come and get me, is that what you're saying? >> that quickly went viral on the internet. we're going to play highlights and get instant analysis. stay with us. i will never choose between uv protection and beauty again. [ female announcer ] new olay total effects now with spf 30. uva/uvb protection and anti-aging in one. youthful skin with a mission. [ female announcer ] olay. your best beautiful. i thought "so what?", but now "cai can't stop playing.rst that's not how it works.
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10:25 pm
rise to prominence was anything but sudden. only after methodically gaining momentum over a period of four years. so what exactly was the obama administration doing counter -- to counter this emerging threat as it developed? here with me now to try to tackle that question is the weekly standard steve hayes and fox news political analyst kirst kirsten, powers. we've been beating president obama quite a bit over what i call the lame press conference today. did you learn anything substantial today? >> no, i think that's been one of the problems all along with this issue is that the president hasn't been able to really put forth a coherent strategy on how to deal with this threat. it's not enough to say that it's a humanitarian crisis and that's why we get involved in iraq. we need to have a sort of end to end reaction, response to this. >> steve, the counterterrorism report that we learned about today says that since 2010 about four years now we've noun, they've known that isis was a
10:26 pm
growing and credible threat. why is it now that all of a sudden in the last few months president obama's like, well, these guys are for real. >> well, it's certainly been an evolving and changing organization. but the basic structure of the organization, the composition of the organization with former saddam, former regime elements and jihadists, some of the most radical jihadists, we've known that for quite a while. there's no question they've gained speed, become more powerful, become more lethal. but the president hasn't been playing close enough attention to isis or isil as he calls them because he hasn't been paying close enough attention. the president's top counterterrorism advisor basically says the 1990s were the decade where al qaeda grew. the ots were the decade where we fought al qaeda. this will be the decade where al qaeda disappears cht that's not what's happening. but that's what they thought. that's why they have no strategy. >> is it that, kirsten?
10:27 pm
or is it that the strategy they should have goes against everything president obama ran on when he started running for egypt and delivered the speech in june of 2009 saying islam is a religion of peace. if he goes there and he starts there, how can he ever get back to we're going to bomb them without congressional approval and without bashar al assad's approval? >> well, george bush said islam is a religion of peace. i think you can believe islam is not a fundamentally violent religion and also believe there are radical islamists who are fundamentally violent and who i think the president has spent a lot of time fighting. that's been the point of the drone war for example. it's why he's taken the war in afghanistan seriously and escalated that war. so i don't think it's right to say he doesn't -- >> you can't just go ahead and say, well, he's very serious. he's taking the war on terror seriously, but we missed one of the most violent and bloodthirsty groups ever to walk the earth. >> i'm getting at motivation. i'm sort of trying to address what you're talking about.
10:28 pm
i think this is more incompetence. i don't think he lacks the motivation. >> yes competence on the president's part? >> yes. it's also ideological. the president came into office fundamentally believing that the bush administration has overstated the threat from al qaeda and jihadist terror. clearly said that. the president himself in speech at national defense university -- because he wanted to be able to say he was doing something about the good war. he campaigned on afghanistan as the good war. so he surged troops and announced we were going to be withdrawing. we had a drone war and got bin laden. that's not a strategy. >> if he doesn't think that it's a problem, why is he expanding the drone wars in pakistan? >> i think the president wanted to kill osama bin laden. i don't think there's any question about that. he refused to see what al qaeda was itself. he didn't take the broader view. he was warned about it by his intelligence chiefs again and again and again in private briefings in public hearings and
10:29 pm
the president simply chose to look the other way. >> i think we're saying the same thing though. i think that's incompetence. >> is that better though? >> just think about what you're saying. it's okay -- >> i didn't say it was okay. i'm giving you my explanation of why i think it happened. >> but you're making it seem he's better that it's incompetent. >> it's not better, i think it's important to be specific of what's motivating him. and i don't think he's motivated -- >> i don't think she's excusing him. i just think she's wrong. it's partially incompetence. nobody argues the man's not incompetent. but he came in with a view about al qaeda and the bush administration basically wanted to be opposed the way the bush administration handled the broader war, to ratchet et back. he announced this in speeches saying we don't need a global campaign because it's not the threat it used to be. >> you don't think when he refers to them as jayvee that's clearly not him understanding it. >> okay.
10:30 pm
fair enough. >> choosing to see the world as he wants it to be. >> we don't -- how do you explain where his national security group has told them, they met specifically to convince barack obama that it's go-time for isis. it's time to bomb them. and he still comes to the podium today and still can't pull that trigger. >> because he obviously isn't convinced that that's what's going to eradicate them. >> it's not incompetent. >> again -- >> how can you present it with this much evidence by his own people? >> why would he expand the drone war if he doesn't care about terrorism? >> that's the question. we're going to have to leave it right there. coming up right here tonight on "hannity". >> i don't want to get bombed and neither does anybody in great britain. >> you don't have a choice, sean. it's coming to a place near you. it's coming to a place near you. >> so you're threatening to come and get me, is that what you're saying? >> sean's epic showdown with the imam.
10:31 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." in case you missed sean's showdown last night, here's some of the explosive highlights in which he warrants shar' ia is coming to a place near you. >> eventually the world is going to wake up to what i'm going to say and every radical islamist like you will be wiped off the face of the earth. you have no respect for women. you have no respect for innocent human life. you are radical and you want your religion or no religion. neither does anybody in great britain that has a brain. >> you don't have a choice, sean. it's coming to a place near you. it's coming to a place near you. >> so you're threatening to come and get me. is that what you're saying? thank you. you answered my question. you want a worldwide islamic caliphate. >> of course we do.
10:37 pm
>> and you want -- and infidels should be done and destroyed with. >> you would be liberated from the shackles -- >> i don't need to be liberated by islam. i'm christian. >> here to explain the author of "counterfeit lies," colonel oliver north. i watched that and i watched it with my wife and we were very, very scared and nervous. it scared the begejesus out of . he said it with such conviction, is he right? >> no, not necessarily if we do the right things. that's the question though, will we do the right things. he's nothing but a self-serving making money in london sending young boys off to become jihadists and perhaps some of those who left great britain and now died out there fighting for isis were people that he incited to do so. the bottom line is this guy's
10:38 pm
not about to open a store front mosque in the caliphate. he's not going to go out there. he's nothing compared to the threat that al baghdadi who really does pose to us. and unfortunately what we saw today, eric, in that press kmps is a president who doesn't understand the difference. choudri incites people. the bottom line is al baghdadi is built a terror army that is unlike anything we've ever seen before. it is not only the best financed, it is the best armed. and it is the biggest. the numbers now vary somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000, some 12,000 in which may well be americans, canadians, brits, australians, people with western passports who can get into this country. so -- >> colonel, let me ask you. i agree with you, the size and major threat that isis has become. how did they miss it?
10:39 pm
how did the white house, how did the defense department, how did the intel community miss isis? where as recently as a couple months ago president obama calls isis the jayvee team. they were so off base. but how? sfwl because the president, first of all, could not possibly be reading his presidential daily brief. i mean, this is a document that there's only a hundred or so copies circulating the government of the united states. this document has had that in there. i'm no big fan of the current management of the cia, but they've been reporting this. this is the kind of stuff that's been going to the white house now for months. not just days or weeks. and what you're looking at is a terror organization that is about -- time is not an ally in all of this. this administration is consistently refused to do the right thing. look at libya, look at syria and now look at iraq. and now he's weighing whether he's going to develop some kind of strategy for this. the bottom line of it is what isis intends to do and congressman gohmert alludes to it briefly, is they intend to
10:40 pm
send americans back to this country who now learned how to make suicide vests, get on the me fro here in washington or up there in new york and blow themselves up. does anybody remember madrid? does anybody remember london? that's what we're facing. and to delay action in syria because this president can't make up his mind is tantamount to what this president ought to be doing deploying a carrier strike group to the mediterrane mediterranean. we have one carrier within range of syria and iraq. send a missionary brigade out there. stop talking about what you won't do. get the europeans together next week while he's over there and call congress in and tell them what you've just started to do. i worked for a president who just did that. but he came from the heart. this guy's coming off a tell prompter and it's dangerous when he comes off a tell prompter and does what he did today and tells our enemies we don't have a strategy. >> colonel, one of the things
10:41 pm
most people agree on is the real heart of isis needs to be attacked within the boundaries of syria. now, bashar al assad is likely not going to give that okay right away. does president obama go in there without a congressional input first, and, b, bashar al assad's input second. is it go time? >> forget bashar al assad. the fact is one of the truthful things that the president said in that press conference today was he's irrelevant to the international community at this point. and he is. you don't ask for permission from assad. what you do is you get the congress in as you're getting ready to launch off that carrier you've now sent out there aircraft positioned elsewhere in that position of the world and you start striking at the command control and communication nodes of isis, you start striking their high-value targets, start tracking the logistic base and start striking against their training centers. and it doesn't succeed in eliminating isis. what it does is it throws them off their game.
10:42 pm
it delays them from being able to send those kids back here to the united states who now have been thoroughly radicalized and trained before they can blow themselves up on your subway or my metro. >> colonel north, we're going to leave it right there. i wish he had said we'd already started that campaign. that's the message he was delivering. maybe we'll hear that some day. colonel, thank you very much. still ahead tonight, congressman paul ryan is making it his mission to explain to americans why conservatism can help put this country back on the right path. that interview coming up. stay with us. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on. and she gave me advice. she said, "dad, go pro with crest pro-health." [ male announcer ] go pro with crest pro-health. immediately, i felt a difference. it did an extremely good job of cleaning.
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10:48 pm
out of an election and i don't see any defining issues for the party. the contract with america worked. why are republicans saying, all right, we're going to balance the budget this way, we're going to control the borders this way, we're going to offer this consensus to health care, renewable resources, energy production like north dakota. why aren't we all on the same page? >> you're basically describing why i wrote this book. >> tell me. >> because i, like you, and would argue majority of americans, don't like the track our country is on. therefore as an elected leader, i shouldn't complain and criticize. i do plenty of that. i owe people an alternative. what would we do differently? what would the country look like under the full spectrum conservative reforms proposed in this book. not only do i offer a critique of liberal -- also of our own party, but i also say here are the principles that built this country in the first place. and here is how you renew the american idea.
10:49 pm
and here's a specific policy agenda right here in black and white. an agenda that we take to the country that says here's how we revitalize america. hard working taxpayers aren't getting the government they deserve. the economy isn't anywhere near its potential to providing opportunities people need to have a healthy growing economy. and we are losing our standing in the world which makes us less safe and less prosperous ultimately. and you have to give people a choice. i learned this from the 2012 election. i learned this from my life. you need to give people a clear choice so that at least the people of this country get to choose what kind of a country they want. and our party has to do this otherwise it's not going to happen. >> i agree with you. did you ever imagine by the time president obama leaves office he will have accumulated more debt than every other president before him combined? >> that's right. >> we now have almost doubled the number of people on welfare, on food stamps. 1978. so then we have 50 million americans in poverty. >> that's right.
10:50 pm
highest rate in a generation. >> so how do we fix it? what do you tell people on the campaign trail? what do republicans say how are we going to fix that? >> first of all we have to say how we are going to fix it. i put out >> you have a chance beyond making a statement. you want to advance a narrative because you think it gives a false perception of conservatism that seems harsh and uncare something >> yes. i think that is dispairaging in many ways.
10:51 pm
like medicare or social security or a veteran. those people aren't takers those people earned these things and paid for them, which in cases are going bankrupt, taken over by the government with respect to health care. what i argue is that we owe it to the country to offer a set of ideas and solutions for how to get into the ditch we're in. and what america can look like in the 21 century. i believe, sean, next half a dozen years are going to determine the trajectory of the country and i don't like the panel we're on now. >> i don't either. i have the, what i call hannity top five. i like the penny plan because you can explain it. one penny, balance the budget six years. and you include with that a balanced budget amendment. i want energy production. unemployment in north dakota is 0.
10:52 pm
trainees at walmart get $20 an hour, it's not bad pay if you want a job. i want a consensus alternative to health care. i want to do something with america's schools and want to secure the border. five simple things saying this is better that would give them hope for the future. a vision. >> right. >> you're describing five areas i talk about. i go into that, national security and poverty. you're describing five areas i offer solutions to our country's problems but i think you have to step back and decide what principles are you using? and an argument i make is that principles that built this country, liberty, freedom, free enter price, rules of law in self government, the heart of the american idea, where the condition of your birth in this country doesn't determine the outcome of your life. you can make it if you put work into it, that is slipping if us
10:53 pm
my argument is if we reapply these founding principles to the problems of the day, we can shows yeahs solutions to reach everybody in america. as conservatives, show everybody what i call full spectrum conservatism. that means compete for everybody's vote, have a 1980s kind of election like ronald reagan did after the lays days of jimmy carter. our country is due for that kind of shake up so we can get out of the malaise we're in now. shake this bad economy. i think you have to defeat the liberal progressive agenda and offer a petter agenda with better, sounder principles, better ideas and show they can make a positive people in peoples' lives and get america back toward that land of opportunity and freedom and press pert. >> thank you. >> are you running for president? . >> i don't know. that is a decision for 2015.
10:54 pm
>> thought i'd sneak that in. >> thank you. >> thank you, sean. >> coming up, president o and his love affair with the at legalzoom you can take care of virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business, protect your family, and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. (rod getting jerked away) anouncer: need new gear? ♪ upbeat music then check out big savings at bass pro shops' labor day blow out sale. and save from $250 to $2000 on one of america's favorite boats, during the model year clearance going on now. doctors have been prescribingdecade, nexium to patients just like you.
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that is all the time we have time for. before we go, it's time to wake up, america. washington post reports 20 main stream media journalists given high profile positions in the obama administration so it should come as no surprise with isis in crisis and russia a powder keg, the president will cap off the extravaganza with the alex wagner wedding. he is an msnbc host. it's best if you keep it here for fair and balanced be sure to tune in tomorrow
11:00 pm
night for a special edition of this is a fox news alert. president obama just saying we don't have a strategy yet. you heard right. the president speaking about isis in syria. the terror group beheading americans and publicly executing thousands in both iraq and syria. the president plan to combat isis, well, he doesn't have one. karl rove is here to respond to that in a minute. first ed henry live with the very latest. >> reporter: greta, remarkable because the context is he was speaking specifically about isis in syria, not iraq. earlier in the news conference the white house scrambling to point out, yes, in the transcript earlier he said he's got a military strategy in iraq. he was specifically talking about syria and was being pressed about why h


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